Terms and Conditions

Life & Transformation Coaching is a process where great changes are made in the mindset of individuals who seek greater results, success and overall health for themselves. Therefor:

  • The prospective client needs to make the decision themselves, and not be forced in any way to participate in the coaching process,
  • Give their total commitment to the process,
  • When the process starts, comply and complete the system to the end,
  • Physical pains and aches my result in some individuals as a result of the process. The individual must commit to finish the processes, and not take any pain killers, unless prescribed by a physician,
  • I f the individual is under any treatment of a Health Care Professional, a short note from the Professional, stating that he takes note of the client’s intention to engage in the coaching process, is required by the coach for record purposes.
  • The individual being coached must be willing to undergo the process, but not make public any detail of the processes, as it is governed by copright laws of South Africa as well as International Copyright regulations.
  • Payment as per quotations is payable before commencement of any sessions in the full amount as per quote. Payment needs to be made into the bank account as specified on the quotation document.
  • In the event that a sponsor pays for an individual’s coaching sessions, the said individual should make some form of commitment, in order for the individual to commit completely to the process.
  • Once payment is made, the session appointment need to be honoured. Cancelation of the appointment will deem the payment forfeited, and no reimbursement will take place.
  • If, for any reason, it becomes clear that the individual being coached and the coach are not compatible in any way, the coach will refer the individual to another coach, in order for the client to receive the proper experience they deserve. The individual need to fill out documentation then, as to explain in their view, why the relationship does not work.
  • I the case of non-compliance or in the case of misdemeanour by the Coach, a formal complaint can be lodged against the Coach and directed to:


Transformation Coaching Academy
For Att: Burke Esterhuyse