RGA Life and Transformation Coaching System uses various coaching methods to make your transformation as pleasant and as smooth as possible.

We use a combination of the following, powerful coaching Methodologies:

  • Transformation Coaching Techniques
  • NeuroScience
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Quantum Physics
  • Advanced Positive Psychology
  • Success Mindset strategies, and much more.

My main and only goal with the Life & Transformation Coaching system is to help you reach your set goals whether it be to overcome or face a challenge or totally transform who you are, as smoothly and effectively as possible.

With my unique and specific techniques and processes, that I as a certified Transformation and Life Coach use, my aim will be to change your entire world, and your vision thereof.  The outcome:  A NEW AND IMPROVED YOU!!

We all know the saying: “To change on the outside, we first need to change from within” that means: our attitudes our thoughts, our emotions, or our beliefs; only to mention a few.  By aligning your inner and outer self, (your conscious and subconscious mind), your life/ or your vision of the world around you will change forever.

To become who you’re really and truly need or long to be in life, you have to realize that firstly your beliefs and aspirations need to be aligned with your dreams or needs.

So, with me as your Life Coach you will be transformed and with my help, you would be able to identify all your limitations and transform that to a powerful positive belief system that will enable you to grow into a powerful human being.

Examples to explain this better:

You are currently procrastinating on something small, such as tiding up your garage. The more you think about this task ahead, the more you think of excuses not to do it! The garage will stay untidy and dirty no matter how hard you imagine it to be different. Only when you realize that you need to change your mindset and our attitude and go over into a new emotion towards this task, then only the actual task will get done.



Think of how amazing it would be to instantly understand someone and that person trusting you in an instant, in a marketing or business situation.

Well, this is truly possible! By learning and using these Rapport techniques you will not just understand people instantly, or get them to trust you, but you will learn behaviour and body languages as well.

You can create instant like to deepen a personal relationship, you will learn voice rapport, this can establish a relationship even over a telephone.

People like you when they feel comfortable with you, and immediately feel like they can see themselves in you, so now they can trust you. Every relationship is based on trust.

Rapport is a powerful and very important tool that any and every business will thrive on. For client relationships, future aspirations and trust situations, this is the tool you need for your business to grow and reach heights that you always imagined.



By using sub-coding, I can help you with negative memories, unhealthy emotions or conditions and change it.  By using this technique, we take that memory, emotion or condition and change your emotion or feeling on the specific emotion or experience that you had with a positive, thus to transform the negative connection to a situation or experience – using SUB-CODING to change your subconscious mind. Changing from negative to positive or anger to happiness or outbursts to total self-control.

It can help for addictions such as:
  • Overeating (emotional eating) Weight loss
  • Food (addiction to chocolates)
  • Physiological addictions (Medication, sex, alcohol and substances)
  • Beverages (Coffee or Coke)
  • Non-useful emotional response (Fear and anxiety)
  • Self -doubt (To doubt and judge yourself)
  • Non-performance (To help in work situations and performance)

The above mentioned is all seen as addictions, but through the sub coding process, this will be transformed.   No more procrastination, only good outcomes, breaking through ceilings or obstacles that stand in your way to accelerate your career.

By sub-coding your sub-conscious mind you can now like things that you may never have liked before or even the other way around; to stop procrastination, it was a habit that you liked before, but does not like anymore.  By using sub-coding, you can change your entire life from what it was before – this then leads to health coaching – where you suddenly start losing weight, become healthier, start an exercise routine (that you maybe would never have done before).

Society programs us to have “must do” and “have to do” lists which can frustrate us, now you can break through that and have lists that you now actually complete because you want to.  You need to understand yourself to trust what you think or feel, for that to happen you need to change the sub-code of your negative emotions and beliefs about yourself.

Any obstacles in life that have or maybe have been in the past, can be resolved by using the sub-coding technique which is very powerful in its results.



This technique will help you to do anything on a subconscious level:

You will be astounded by these changes, from worthless, to empowering and confident, and the process can take less than 30 minutes.

This is a very important technique as your self-image can affect everything in your life – Not just what you think and feel, but also who you really want to become! Changing negative to positive, changing specific behaviours and replace them with brand new positive habits, creates and programs these new habits.

As we all know, to create a habit takes the average person 60 – 90 days to implement, by repeating it daily, for this habit to become an actual normal behaviour or set habit. With the Bang Pattern, this 60-90-day process can become a reality in less than 30 minutes.

Now you can have tremendous self-confidence levels through installing and creating self-confidence. It will help with public speaking, Marketing and even dating.

It will install new attitudes, new emotions and new behaviours. Changing your approach to life and your thinking thereof to positive and more orientated thinking.

Negativity is a habit that needs to be transformed from within and using the Bang Pattern, be programmed to take action and start achieving your set goals.

Stop all these negative behaviours and habits, stop procrastinating. Get motivated and start your transformation process.



All of us have a “little voices” in our heads, by means of saying.  Most of us have more than one voice. These voices can actually create a negative tug-of-war within your mind. This is called inner conflict! One voice can be very optimistic, the other…. Not so positive… and always very sceptical.

For Example:






This is what constantly causes negative emotions and loss of self-confidence, this can keep us from achieving our full potential in life.

Inner Conflict Therapy – This technique helps you to silence your negative mind and replace it with more positivity, self-confidence and self-love, which leaves you with a clean, positive mind that can focus on achieving goals easily and purposely, without all the mind-chatter!

A silent mind is a creative and productive mind.



“Take back the life that you were created for”!!

Suppressed and unresolved negative emotions that are not dealt with can become a ticking time bomb. If not controlled and/or disabled it can do great damage not only to you and your relationships – but to your whole life and environment.  This normally causes depression which is always negative, and to dwell in negativity you are withheld from living your life and achieving your true potential and goals.

All of us definitely knows what a negative emotion is – we have all felt it some time in our lives as life and events in our lives cause these emotions.

Your mind is so powerful that if a negative emotion shows up – your mind and body stores these emotions. If not dealt with immediately, your subconscious mind regards this as an instruction, and find more of it.  The more your store these negative emotions – the more the emotion gets suppressed – which can lead to a great disaster.

All negative emotional charges (NEC) for particular emotions like anger, start to form a chain-like structure called a “gestalt”. Now as your body develops, gestalts are formed from a very early stage in life. It also grows longer the more we experience negative emotions in our lives.  Each emotion is linked to an event, so the longer the chain of emotion the less control you will have over your emotions. For example, fear, hurt, shame, sadness, guilt, frustration, hate, anxiety, doubt, and even jealousy.

Negative Emotional Therapy is an amazing technique that helps people release the emotions on all the events from their pasts.  Once you release all the NEC’s on the major negative emotions, which now means that you will gain back the control over your own emotions and over yourself, by doing this – it will increase your EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENT LEVELS, this means that you are in total control of yourself and of your emotions.

You now can stop living in the past, become the person who enjoys the here and now – and grab the future on with positive and exciting eyes and emotions.

To live a positive and happy life with goals and dreams that can be easily achieved – Isn’t that every person’s main focus of achievement in life? And by using this technique, it is definitely possible.


Our beliefs are the most important system within your mind. Your beliefs filter information from the outside world senced through our five sences, and create internal experiences and perseptions of the outside world as our view of life. To be honest with you, your beliefs control everything you are experiencing right now.  Everything is linked to your beliefs, for example:

Your income, your habits, your job, your happiness, your health and so much more.

Belief structures make up the framework of our lives and our life experiences.

If a person would set out on a new path to better his or her life or become successful, and the belief system does not support these intentions, that person will never achieve what he or she has set out to become or achieve. Your beliefs then are the limiting factor and stopping success.

Not every person knows and understands their own belief system – and this can have a negative outcome for him.

Through Transformation Coaching you will become aware of all the Negative, Limiting and Sabotaging Beliefs that that is within you and are working against you, and even holding you back.

Once the Negative Limiting Beliefs have been identified it will then be deleted through Negative Belief Therapy, one at a time, and new positive empowering beliefs will be installed.

Note: “Beliefs create your internal reality” and your reality is what you experience in life. You can only experience the outside world from within yourself (your mind).

All outside information will first pass through your sences and reach your filters that will delete, distort or generalize the information. Your biggest filter: Is your own belief system!! You will therefore only experience what your belief system allows you to experience. With the Coaching system we now introduce to you, it gives you the correct tools to identify all the negative, limiting, self-sabotage beliefs and then to replace them with a correct positive set of beliefs that will empower your from there onwards, allowing you to receive what you want, live the life want and achieve the goals that are important to you.



Some of us have been through Trauma some not, but with this coaching system or technique, you will learn how to enable yourselves on how to face one's experiences traumatic or not – Head on.

Without saying anything or talking about your actual experience with your coach, this experience can disappear within one session.  This technique is sometimes easier as some clients can’t or won't talk about these experiences to anybody. Even a voice of an individual can trigger a negative emotion or response in you- that person could have done something bad and now the negative connection has been made to that person or his voice, in your subconscious mind.  This technique will eliminate these triggers and eliminate the emotional connection to the event itself from your subconscious mind.

For example, a woman that has been raped. The moment they have intercourse again, (even with their spouses whom they can trust) it can trigger the emotional connection to the traumatic event itself, not because of her partner, but because of the emotional connection to the action.  You may never be able to take away the action, but you need to reprogram the subconscious mind with a new emotion towards the action. Thus restoring the intended emotion of intimate love and trust towards the action (intercourse).

More examples that this technique can be used for:

  • Domestic violence situations
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual abuse and rape
  • Traumatic accidents
  • Car accidents
  • Hijackings, armed robberies, gunpoint robberies, shooting incidents.

The silent technique can be used for any experience or trauma.



  • Phobia Release Techniques: By using this technique you can successfully get rid of any phobia’s in about 45 minutes no matter the person or the phobia.
  • Anxiety Eliminator: An instant technique to apply for anxiety, and even influencing future events at the same time (as you would like them to happen). Once an understanding of what actual anxiety is, and the actual feelings it triggers within you, you can start to understand why this technique is so easy and effective, even powerful, to implement and start living an anxiety free life!



Most people do not like or love themselves.  And some people only like themselves when they actually do achieve something, but most of the time there is only regret, self-blame and a bag full of negative emotions within yourself.

This technique will lift your self-esteem and self-confidence immediately,  By learning how to unconditionally love yourself, your life will change tremendously, for now, you will love even others unconditionally – and they – you!

Everyone is deserving of love – So start loving yourself today with my amazing techniques.



The Driver Focus Filter is that one question that you constantly ask yourself.  All the data received by your 5 senses will first pass through your driver focus filter for processing.  Depending on your personal question, relevant data passes through the filters and then gets deleted, distorted and generalized according to the focus point of your questions.

After the filtering process, you will consciously receive information. This info will be limited by the contents of your questions.  Now, if your question is negative… your whole life will be impacted by this because of the limitations you received from your question, Shocking isn’t it?

Only a few questions that you might recognise:

“ Am I good enough”?

“Will I make it”?

“Can I do this”?

“What if it does not work”?

“Will I fail”?

“What if….”?

Not so positive, do you agree?

I will help you and show you how to remove your old Driver Focus Filter and change it from one limiting focus point to eight (8) empowering focus areas. This will be your top eight (8) experiences in your life, that will make you see all the opportunities you need to achieve the life you design for yourself.


Examples of focus areas:

Joy, Succes, Inner peace, Love, abundance of wealth, energy, knowledge, enlightenment, wisdom, self-worth, motivation, appreciation, recognition, control, Inner power, inner freedom,  fulfillment, personal growth,patience, self acceptance, respect, opportunities, health, confidence, freedom and independence -only to name a few.

Sound better? Of course!   I will change and align your DFF so that you can change from doubtful to an experience of excitement and achievement.



You can build your own future:

  • Knowing and understanding the subconscious and how it can help in shaping your future.
  • Learn how to visualize what you want, getting excited about your future in the now and actually seeing your future while you sit and plan it.
  • Program your personal goals into your subconscious mind (which is the goal-getter by itself).



The process of true transformation has been discovered and put to the test. It made a huge difference in the lives of those that took the challenge and dared to be different. The success stories speak for themselves.

The only action needed now is for you to be brave, stop procrastinating, and let me coach and guide you to live the life you know you deserve.


You can contact me at:

Cell:  082 756 3662 or,

e-mail:  richard@rgacoaching.co.za